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Seattle Business Podcast #21 - Chay Tan

Updated: Oct 16

Chay is the owner of Coconut Kennys along with his brother Lee

At Coconut Kenny’s we don’t just see ourselves as a pizza restaurant, we are also an employer and business partner to many in our local communities. With this in mind we strive and work relentlessly everyday to become the leading restaurant, employer, and business partner of choice everywhere we have the pleasure of conducting business. Great food and excellent service are what we promise each customer. A rewarding wage and opportunity for personal growth are what we promise each employee. Unwavering passion and the highest level of professionalism are what we promise each business partner. No matter which category you fall under, we want you to be proud to associate yourself with a growing company that aims to push the current standards in this very competitive industry. For Coconut Kenny’s business means more than just the bottom line.