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Seattle Business Podcast #12 - Tinashe Rusike

My name is Tinashe Rusike and I am a talented graphic artist. My tools are the elements which surround me: light, shadow and color. Instead of music, I sing on the canvas with pigments and pixels. I harness the elements to evoke the heroics and athleticism not of ancient heroes, but of present day athletic warriors found on our very own fields, courts and stadiums.

My mission is simple: to promote sports with my creativity and passion, ever seeking to evoke emotion in the observer. Whether it be a grassroots or professional team, I look for the story and activate the imagination of the audience through visuals. I aim to create opportunities for an athlete, a team, a league or a sport to aspire to the heights of Orion amongst the stars.

Platforms where my work is especially effective:

Social media engagement, Advertising (print and online ads), Website graphics (particularly banners)Posters, Trading cards, Editorial Graphics.

When you are my client, I will discover your needs and i am prepared to invest myself fully and explore your needs. Where there are Cyclops and Grendel-like hurdles to overcome, I bring solutions with Herculean strength.