Partner With Us

Part of our intentionally community is having the ability to help our community members make money. We are offering a partner program that allows current members the ability to refer others and make 50% of monthly dues EVERY MONTH. We allow you do this part-time or full-time while using any method of advertising or promotion on social media.

It's as easy as talking about fun places to visit or do in Seattle on TikTok and posting your referral link.

Income Potential

Refer 50 Members = $5,000 Per Month

Refer 75 Members = $7,500 Per Month

Refer 100 Members = $10,000 Per Month


As long as someone stays a part of the community, you get paid every month.


**Partners must be members of the community before applying.


1. Become a Member
2. Apply to Be a Partner
3. Make Money