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Advertise with us publishes weekly email newsletters to an audience of over 3 million people in the Greater Seattle area.

We help people in the Greater Seattle area stay up to date by informing them of the latest developments with many brands and publications. If you want to reach people interested in a specific topic in the Pacific Northwest, we can help.

We have a variety of weekly publications with high levels of engagement and net open rates of 35%-60%. Our sponsors typically get great levels of engagement and value from our readers. Our sponsors benefit not just from appearing within our publications, but things we link to frequently get reposted or spread to social media and sites like Facebook and Reddit.

A variety of opportunities are available for companies interested in reaching  a variety of niches, both in terms of sponsorships and content development. Due to high levels of interest, we maintain a waiting list and take reservations each quarter in advance, so reaching out early is a good idea.